“Mala, thank you for presenting such a lovely programme. The delivery was simple but profound and I have taken home some pearls of wisdom to apply to my life.”

Pio Coffrant

"The trip to Peru in with my friends was an experience that will be hard to top. It couldn’t get any better.

Kakoli Bannerji, Designer Pondicheri

“ I will carry the feelings forever that have come into my heart from this retreat. The love that is glowing from everyone is such a wonderful sight to see. Thank you  Mala”

Barbara Teasedale, Interior Designer, Australia

“Thanks for your vision and commitment” 

Barbara McGregor, Sydney Auatralia

“It was the best trip of my life! Everything was fantastic; the programme , the resort , the food etc. I learnt a lot from Mala’s teachings and I am ready to come again next year!”

Valeria Corvo, Italy

“ What an amazing experience I had in Clouds End Retreat in Kasauli, India. Swamiji is such a lovely being, full of wisdom and humour.

Jacqueline Seow- Omegapoint Seminars, Owner,Singapore

“ Everyone was glowing by the end of the retreat.

Merlene Emerson,UK

“Magical, reverent, holy, intimate…..closing ceremony and dinner was inspired by Mala and her sense of beauty….thank you  Mala, my sister in India! I will hold you dear in my heart.”

Rebecca Rodriguez, Labyrinth Society, Texas, USA

Peru is beautiful and Machu Picchu was WOW, 

The holiday was really well planned and I loved the places we stayed and the food and service was great, so important for a holiday !!

Purnima Bhalla, Entrepreuner, New Delhi

“The Mystic-Asia Ayurvedic programme was a wonderful experience with a beautifully planned balance of theory and treatments in a magical venue.

Susan Healey, UK


Jyoti Saikia, Entrepreuner, New Delhi

“Thank you, Mala, for a very interesting time in Bhutan. The teachings are very useful and simply explained. Bhutan was amazing!”

Andreas Hablis, Switzerland

“The Ayurvedic trip to Kerala was a beautiful combination of learning about Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation in a five star accommodation complete with relaxing daily massages.

Jason Wee, Singapore

“It was a priceless experience. Thanks Mala”

Suman Bulani, Singapore

“ Fantastic location and great company to understand the external and internal. Worth a try anytime”

Pranab Barua Bangalore, India

“The retreat is a great way to change the way you perceive things and start to consciously live so you are aware of the effect it has on the quality of your life.”

Chotti Barua,Bangalore, India

“This was my first encounter with the many aspects of Ayurveda medicine and philosophy which opened my mind.

Knut Reed, Norway

“All the arrangements were perfect. The resort, surroundings, quality of food and accommodation, all met our expectations in every way. This was my second retreat organized by Mala.

Anita Reed, Norway

“Mala Thank you for your courage, your truth and most of all your love and the gift of being here with you”

Susan Healey, Healer, London ,UK

“Dr Dinesh amazes me with his knowledge and compassion for humanity. His soul touches and lifts and awakens and nurtures everyone.

Marijon Johnson, Serenity Retreat, USA

“Swamiji has laid out the way for us to find and know. His teachings are simple and yet profound. Definitely not to be missed.

Lai Yong Chan, Singapore

“With great respect I thought Dr. Dinesh was very knowledgeable and for me it was very informative, an experience I will nerver forget.

Flordemayo, Grandmother and Healer, New Mexico