Mala Barua launched Mystic-Asia to dedicate time to the mission of her heart. The aim of the retreats created by Mala, is to bring the ancient wisdom of eastern spiritual knowledge to the people through a simple language and on an easy-to-understand platform. The participants get to explore their health concerns, or even their emotional states, thereby bringing healing to different levels of their existence. This in turn, opens the doors to their own spiritual aspirations. In order to achieve this, Masters of various traditions are carefully chosen to deliver this ancient wisdom, be it Yoga, Ayurveda or Vedanta, in a modern language.  The groups are small and the retreats are held in luxurious environments throughout exotic parts of Asia.

Wellness and spa consultancy has evolved out of this model and Mala now has team of consultants that can put together a spa or wellness concept from start to finish. Wellness professionals, interior specialists, healthy and sattvic food pioneers and product development specialists are part of this team.

Mala has lived in London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Delhi for the last 35 years where she has practiced and taught Yoga in the Sivananda tradition. Her Yoga has now evolved into a more mindful process, which she calls Dhyan Yoga. Her time in the Far East also inspired her to learn Tai Chi and Qi Gong under Chinese Master, Dr. T.T. Ang.

Mala has taken part several personal development programmes such as The Hoffman Process, The Goddess Within, Reiki, Money and You, Pathways, Art of Living and several retreats with various Masters of Buddhism and Vedanta. She spends time with His Holiness the Dalai Lama once a year in retreat and with her spiritual teacher, Swami Anubhavananda, at least twice a year.

She now lives in Delhi and is a regular contributor to Vogue India, Travel+Leisure, Condenast Traveller, Complete Wellbeing and Asiaspa magazines on matters of wellness and holistic living.

Mala has also founded the following:

  • Yoga & You which services the travel industry in India with high quality Yoga teachers
  • HYMN (Heal Your Mind Now), a Personal Development programme for seekers of good health and peace
  • Inner Silence (Antar Mauna) meditation teachings
  • “Discover the Ancient Wisdom of India”, a 6 day programme for tourists
  • A special HYMN programme focussed on contemplative practice for caregivers/caretakers of voluntary organisation Cansupport

Mala's own inner journey is under the guidance of Swami Anubhavananda, a teacher of Vedanta.

Mala is also passionate about embroidery and creates embroidered art.